Why VBAC Birthing Positions Matter

Why VBAC Birthing Positions Matter

Everything, everything, everything in a VBAC is to have a progressing labor and vaginal delivery instead of a delay in the 1st and 2nd Stage.

Every position and posture (upper part of the woman’s body in relation to her lower body) impacts your baby.

If your baby does not like the position or posture … and even movement (walking) then the contractions ‘go off’ (the ‘peak’ is replaced with a ‘plateau’) and labor goes on and on and on and on.

When women do not cope well with the naturally occurring pain in labor contractions in her VBAC or there is a delay in 1st and 2nd Stage, then she is much more likely to end up with another Caesarean.

In this lesson, you’ll learn all the skills fathers and mothers developed around positions.

Each woman (and hopefully you, too) has to determine whether the postures, positions, and movement are positively or negatively impacting the ability of the baby to open up her body then come down, through and out.