Keep Your VBAC Labor Moving Along

Keep Your VBAC Labor Moving Along

One area of Birthing Better skills that have proven to be so very powerful is the skills you’ll learn in this lesson … how to read your baby’s messages in each contraction.

Yes, your baby gives a message, and when you pay attention the message is very, very clear.

The message occurs in each contraction.

What’s your baby saying?

Your baby is telling you how easy or hard it is to open up the mother’s body so it can come down, through and out.

We know this but don’t actually know we know this.

When labor is progressing, then the baby is effectively opening up the woman’s body.

This results in each contraction having clear 5 phases: starts, builds intensity, peaks, eases off, goes away.

When labor is not progressing, the contractions: start, begin to build intensity, plateaus then ease off, and go away.

What hinders a baby is usually the woman’s body.

  • There is tension inside (that’s hidden).
  • She is in a posture or positions the baby doesn’t like (can be many).
  • The woman has her body bent (leaning forward).
  • The woman’s body is compressed (counter pressure on the sacrum or sitting back on the sacrum).

You’ll learn more in this lesson.