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Don’t Skip A Beat

As tens of thousands of Birthing Better families will tell you … just keep using your birth and birth-coaching skills!

The politics of childbirth that came into place in the 1980s has caused too many women to feel they have ‘failed’ at giving birth because they have not achieved the ‘ideal’ or ‘real’ birth.

Homebirth was considered to be part of that ‘ideal’ birth and home is considered the ‘safe’ place.

Both of these are an illusion and we have to stop perpetuating those illusions on each other.

Home is a place as is a hospital as is the back of a car or beside a rice paddy. Do you honestly think that all women feel safe in their homes?

When you transfer to your hospital from your home is just a change in place with different energies around you. Just use your birth and birth-coaching skills!

You’re transferring for a reason. Just use your skills. When you choose to use birth and birth-coaching skills while transferring and continuing to do the activity of birthing your baby, you impress all the birth providers around you.

When you are coping, you relax them.

They don’t go into ‘triage’.

They realize you are coming for a reason and when you’re coping and managing well, they will work with you. We didn’t blink an eye even though we might have moaned and groaned about going to the hospital, we just kept using our skills and we had as powerful a birth.