HomeBirth Skills Introduction

HomeBirth Skills Introduction

Just keep in mind, all the Birthing Better skills were developed EQUALLY by fathers and mothers in the US in the early 1970s when fathers were actively encouraged to be the ‘birth-coach’.

Being a ‘birth-coach’ means that role is perceived as having specific skills. Many of the skills available at that time came from the very first childbirth preparation classes taught in the US … Lamaze and The Bradley Method.

While these skills were evolutionary and finally began to see ‘giving’ birth as an ‘activity’ women had to do and that fathers/husbands/others can actively help the birthing woman do the ‘activity’, there were many problems with both methods.

  • They specifically targeted women having a ‘low-risk pregnancy’ with the assumption she will have a ‘low-risk birth” which was not always accurate.
  • The goals of these methods were narrow: natural birth, pain-free labor with no medical interventions
  • The skills weren’t adjustable, sustainable or adaptable so they didn’t work for many women seeking those narrow goals
  • Birthing women who weren’t low risk often didn’t use the skills or if birth changed into more medical care then women stopped using the skills

Fathers and mothers were determined to answer these questions: ‘What about me?” and ‘What if?” This means, birthing women needed skills to do the activity of giving birth and birth-coaching dads/others wanted effective skills to help the woman birth.

Here are the course lessons

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HomeBirth Birth

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HomeBirth Body Skills

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HomeBirth Soft Pelvis

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HomeBirth Birthing Positions

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HomeBirth Prepare Birth Canal

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Home Birth Breathing

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HomeBirth Teamwork

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HomeBirth Free Birth

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