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You Don’t Want To Be In Labor Forever

In this lesson learn about the 5 phases and bell-shaped curve of contractions.

Then connect these skills with the positions/postures you get into during labor.

Connect these with the lessons on creating space in your bony pelvis and know how to soften inside your pelvis so your baby can open up your body and come down, through and out without trauma to you or your baby and in a manageable manner so you don’t ‘suffer’.

Progression of labor is all about reading your baby’s messages and adjusting your body’s posture/positions so you are not bending the baby’s space in a way that hinders the descent; compressing the space from outside or have unknown or lingering internal tension.

BTW … none of these have anything to do with whether you fear birth. Fearing birth is an emotion and has little to do with how that impacts your birthing body. In other words, you have hate and fear birth to the MAX and if your baby can easily move down, through and out then you can be standing on your head and your baby will still come out!

How do we know?

Many of the mothers and fathers who developed Birthing Better skills in the US in the early 1970s hated labor even at home.

They hated the naturally occurring labor pains. It was learning together that we know ’emotions’ are not as much the factor (many of us parents go through ‘I hate this, I hate this kid, why did I have kids!’ yet we have skills to parent well) as what we are doing with our body.

In other words, don’t bend your baby’s space so your contractions back off and have a plateau rather than a peak; don’t compress the inside of your pelvis such as ‘counter pressure on your sacrum for back labor’ and goodness sake stop doing any ‘Pelvic Floor Exercises’ after 24 weeks instead learn to soften inside and make your pelvis and birth canal soft and pliable.