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Your Baby’s Final Passage

While ‘perineal massage’ sort of became popular in the 1990s for a while, it’s neither enough nor do most women do even that. Why isn’t perineal massage enough?

That type of massage only focuses on the tissue between the back of the vaginal and front of the rectum. It is designed to reduce the ”ring of fire’ associated with the last phase of the ‘delivery’.

What Birthing Better fathers really understood is that birth is an exercise in plumbing … a big object has to open up, come down and through the woman’s body.

That means ALL the parts this big object has to open up has Birthing Better skills associated to … in this HomeBirth Online Birthing Class.

The Internal Work is Mp3 teaching your partner how to prepare all the inside of your baby’s birth canal and teach you to do it on yourself.

You’ll also learn how to ‘check’ yourself so you always know ‘where you are’ and ‘what is happening’.