HomeBirth Politics

Was homebirths always political?

Nope. It’s a modern medical issue and modern society issue.

What do most people in modern societies expect? No risks. This means, your home birth may be perceived as a ‘risk’. Is it?

Is Life a risk?

How about driving a car?

Owning a gun?

Having a stroke or a heart attack?

How do most sensible people deal with risks? We learn skills to reduce or prevent them.

We drive carefully and try not to put ourselves close to crazy drivers.

We lock our guns up or unload them or don’t own them.

What about heart problems? Exercise, eat better?

We can try to reduce or prevent risks and by preparing your body to let your baby out more easily as well as learn and use birthing and birth-coaching skills so you manage and cope as you actively birth your baby.

In other words, enjoy your home birth because you’ve not only made choices to birth at home, you’ve taken the same responsibility you do to reduce and prevent risks from living!