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Reclaiming The Birth-Coach Role

50 years ago when I gave birth in 1970, fathers were called ‘birth coach’. In other words, my generation of pregnant/birthing mothers and fathers attended the very first childbirth preparation classes … Lamaze and The Bradley Method.

In other words, their job was to help us cope with the naturally occurring pain of labor contractions.

My generation of multiple millions of skilled birthing women and birth-coaching fathers no long ‘suffered’.

Then the childbirth trend changed to what you’re pregnant and birthing in … make choices, create a Birth Plan, and have fathers ‘support your choices’.

This lesson will invite you to work through this Birthing Better Online Birthing Class from two viewpoints.

As the birth-coach/support, go through this course learning the skills that will help you in your role. Don’t worry about what your pregnant partner is learning.

She’s choosing the skills she wants to learn. Then teach each other. Once our baby is born we want mothers and fathers to feel skilled. Become skilled now and you’ll naturally move to be skilled mothers and fathers.