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What Do You Know About Birth Breathing?

We breathe all the time so why bother to learn any breathing skills.

After all, you’re planning a home birth which is considered since the 1980s the most ‘ideal and natural’ birth. And as you know birth is natural and women know how to birth and will instinctively breathing in the best way for themselves at the time.

Of course, also know that however, a woman sounds at home birth is ok. We all know this.

What if these beliefs lead to too many women whose breathing in home births (and others) indicates that the woman is not coping and then we’re considering that to be normal and natural.

The fathers and mothers who developed Birthing Better skills in the US in the early 1970s focused heaps on developing good birth breathing skills.

Why? No Birthing Better mother wants to ‘suffer’ in their home birth. We want to cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of and feel in control and honestly, we didn’t just trust our ‘instinct’.

In fact, many of us had already given birth at home and knew we had to and wanted to improve our birth breathing.

Fathers really wanted to help their birthing partner in their home birth and not just dangle on the outside of the woman’s circle that might include their midwife and perhaps doula.

As fathers, we going to be in our baby’s life so we saw it and see it as our obligation to be a very skilled birth-coach.

We’ll learn the 4 ways all humans breathe, what the variations are in each breathing pattern, how to find your best adjustable, adaptable, and sustainable birth breathing skills. No matter your beliefs about home birth and woman giving birth, these skills will fit right into your perceptions and enhance them. Skills strengthen instincts.