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Your Birthing Positions Impacts Your Baby

Not one Birthing Better skill is more important than another.

It’s like saying that steering your car is more important than learning how to use your breaks, gas, turning, backing up, what’s around you, making certain you don’t hit something in the road.

Birth positions are just one of the Birthing Better skills that fathers and mothers developed in the US in the early 1970s.

Particularly with a home birth, we did not want it to stall or have a failure to progress or have our baby stuck. 

In this lesson, there’s a PDF and Mp4. When you read and watch, think about your body, your baby, your positions, and postures.

The biggest mistake mothers and fathers make when learning Birthing Better (or other) skills is simple. They watch and read and say to themselves and others: ‘Yup, I’ve got that’. And, yet they haven’t incorporated the skills into their body!

That’s no different from watching someone drive and say ‘I can do that’.

Be smart about your coming home birth. Work through this lesson and couple it to the skills in Progression of labor and all the Body Skills.