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Chickweed Is a Star

snowdrops and crocus flowers herald the spring. And if you look in between them, with luck you’ll see a bright green creeping plant, low to the ground with little white starry flowers: chickweed, a good friend of mine.

Weeds in Your Garden? Bite Back!

I always say: A gardener’s best revenge is to eat the weeds. I’ve been doing it for 30 years, and can testify that my health and the health of my garden has never been better. Here are a few hints for gardeners who’d rather eat their weeds than hate...

Ease Those Bug Bites with Easy Herbs

Summertime means insect bites and stings. Ouch! Take a leaf from Susun S. Weed’s storehouse of natural remedies: Soothe, heal, and prevent bites with safe herbal remedies that grow right where you live, north or south, east or west, city or c...

Also labeled: Holistic Healthcare, Issue #06