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Cleaning Up the Heartbreak

We were on our way out the door, which has always been a little stressful since we had children. There’s just something about making ourselves and our kids look presentable—all at the same time—that causes tensions to run high. On this...

The Manager in My Home…and the Five Words that Changed Everything

Every couple of weeks I patiently untangle the knots of strawberry-blonde hair that sit at the base of my child’s neck. As I sat on the corner of the tub the other night, gently loosening an especially stubborn clump while my daughter chattered a...

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Children Who Shine from Within

What’s your favorite insect?” my 7-year-old daughter asked as we took an evening walk on the first night of her spring vacation. Before I had a chance to respond, she added, “You can’t pick butterfly. Everyone picks the butterfly.”