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We Are Simply Light

By John Demartini, DC

An excerpt from the book, The Breakthrough Experience

I’m amazed by the number of people I meet every week who believe that they will one day get to perfection, instead of acknowledging that there already is perfection. They have the illusion that they weren’t perfect in some situation, and if they had acted differently they would have been. The duality is the perfection, and the combination of the two sides serves to put us right into our hearts. Our societies promote the concept that you can get to or achieve perfection, but that most acts are imperfect, and so are we.

But I ask, “Where is God not? Where is divine perfection not?”

The philosopher Mani in the third century believed that consciousness was nothing but particles of light, and we’re now returning to the same principle. Our consciousness is nothing but particles of light, and we’re part of a universe of light. We’re dealing with intelligence that is nothing but light, which is the ancient hermetic teaching, and it helped me receive the vision called The Breakthrough Experience. It’s about moving up through levels or concentric spheres of life to higher quantum levels of vibration and enlightenment, until we reach a point where we go, “Ah! I see!” as Leibniz did.

“Perfection is another name for reality.” —Baruch SpinozaThe chaos in our lives comes from our stubborn search for the monopole of happiness without sadness, gain without loss, or support without challenge, because it is never going to happen. When we long for something and never find it, we lose heart and think there must be something wrong with us. There isn’t, we just didn’t understand how life works. That’s why the Buddha said, “Your desires create your suffering,” so desire what is, not what is not. He talked about enlightenment, and I really do mean we are here to have a light experience. I was having dinner in New York some time ago when the question of God came up, and someone asked a noted professor there from Cambridge, “What do you think God is?” He replied, “From all of our studies, the best thing we can describe God to be is light. It is the most probable and plausible essence or substance we have access to in describing divinity. The universe is made of it.”

I then asked him, “So how would you describe human consciousness and emotions?” and he said, “Probably some sort of a by-product of light.”

Our ultimate nature is simply light; we are light when we acknowledge our true nature. The heart is more powerful than the intellect in this area. It knows the truth and waits patiently while our mind slowly comes to an enlightened understanding. So your life is devoted to waking your mind to the perfection so your heart can come forward and direct your life.

Every person, place, thing, idea, and event in our lives has two sides, and when we see them clearly, we realize that it is all love and we can be grateful. I encourage you to take the time to do this, even if you have to do it in little chunks and pieces. Look back over your life and identify every single thing that you think is somehow negative, not meaningful and purposeful and aligned with your destiny. When you find one, ask these questions, “How was that an act of love? How did that serve me and others?”

Look back over every aspect, from the smallest thing that you think you were challenged by, criticisms, illnesses, disappointments, or whatever, and ask, “How did that help me?” Don’t stop until you can give thanks for all the different parts of your life, because if they are there, they are serving you.

“Do what you must do with all your heart. The traveler who drags his feet only raises dust.” —The Buddha