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Spiritual Stewardship And Planetary Health

As spiritual stewards, we awaken to the truth that every choice we make affects our lives as individuals. Every choice we make also influences the collective awareness of groups, families, organizations, communities and humanity as a whole. Ultimately, we realize our choices affect the entire planet. Every thought, feeling, deed, word and action we choose reflects how we manage our energies in our bodies and our environment. Becoming responsible for our awareness as individuals directly impacts the people and world around us.

Would the collective consciousness of humanity awaken into its greatness if more people chose to practice spiritual stewardship? Yes. As we make choices that reflect greater responsibility for our health as individuals— as spiritual stewards—we begin to reclaim the power that previously we gave away to pharmaceuticals, healers, doctors, gurus and even governments and businesses. As more of us reclaim our individual power, we collectively reduce the amount of power and control we give to others. Modes of healing that disempower, as well as disempowering organizations and belief systems, will then begin to find a natural balance. As we reclaim the amount of power we placed in these services and organizations, our own power will return to us.

Imagine this in terms of a large-scale shifting of supply and demand. When we no longer choose to depend on services and products that disempower us, the demand for them falls. The evolution and healing of humanity and the Earth occurs naturally when we choose to empower ourselves rather than give our power to others. We broadcast our choices to businesses and organizations through how we invest our money and time. Our purchasing dollars speak volumes—especially to big businesses whose primary motivation is their bottom line.

When we choose to become spiritual stewards of our bodies, there is a natural evolution in what we choose to purchase, and why. This fuels the change and evolution of businesses and other organizations as they try to satisfy consumer demand. We affect ourselves, businesses, the economy and much more.

Our actions as spiritual stewards support the Earth’s healthy environment. Our empowered choices give life to our bodies, and naturally give life to the planet. This flow of consciousness connects the health of our human body with the health of our planetary body. For example, choosing locally grown organic foods for their quality and nutrition also supports healthy agriculture and healthy land. Choosing renewable energy sources and conserving energy within our homes decreases pollution in the air we breathe. Choosing nontoxic household cleansers, detergents, and body products reduces the toxic accumulation in our bodies as well as the planet. Installing water filters in our home reduces toxic accumulation in our bodies, while limiting the amount of waste from store-bought plastic water bottles. Choosing more natural medicines for health and well-being reduces the amount of pharmaceuticals and chemicals that accumulate in our bodies and in the environment.

As spiritual stewards, every empowered choice we make gives life to our body, and every empowered choice we make affirms the life of our planet. Spiritual stewardship extends throughout our world, as each individual grows into greater expressions of responsibility and empowerment. As humanity chooses individual responsibility and health, our consciousness naturally extends outward and we embrace our role.

Imagine what kind of impact Earth’s spiritual stewards have! Many of us hear the call to reclaim our power. As we answer this call, we align our spiritual health with our physical health. We become responsible for the choices that affect us and the Earth. We embrace responsibility for the survival and well-being of our human body and our planetary body, simultaneously. As we reclaim our power, we propel ourselves to create a New Earth—together.