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Be Open: Embracing New Information

By Madisyn Taylor

When taking in new information, always use your own intuition to see how the information feels to you. Living in an information age, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the constant influx of scientific studies, breaking news and even spiritual revelations that fill our bookshelves, radio waves and in-boxes. No sooner have we decided what to eat or how to think about the universe than a new study or book comes out, confounding our well-researched opinion. After a while, we may be tempted to dismiss or ignore new information in the interest of stabilizing our point of view. This is understandable—but rather than closing down, we might try instead to remain open and allow our intuition to guide us.

For example, contradictory studies concerning foods that are good for you and foods that are bad for you are plentiful. At a certain point, though, we can feel for ourselves whether coffee or tomatoes are good for us or not. The answer is different for each individual, which is something that a scientific study can’t quite account for. All we can do is take in the information and process it through our own systems of understanding. In the end, only we can decide what information, ideas and concepts we will integrate. Remaining open allows us to continually change and shift by checking in with ourselves as we learn new information. It keeps us flexible and alert, and while it can feel a bit like being thrown off balance all the time, this openness is essential to the process of growth and expansion.Perhaps the key is realizing that we are not going to finally get to some stable place of having it all figured out. Throughout our lives we will encounter new information, integrate it, and re-stabilize our worldview. But as soon as we reach some kind of stability, it will be time to open again to new information, which is inherently destabilizing. If we think of ourselves as surfers riding the incoming waves of information and inspiration, always open and willing to attune ourselves to the next shift, we will see how blessed we are to have this opportunity to play on the waves…and, most of all, to enjoy the ride.