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ADD And Chiropractic: A Patient’s Testimonial

By Patricia Hall

After chiropractic care following a minor car accident, I spoke to Dr. Brooks about our son, Trenton, who was a very easily agitated boy with ADD. We decided to have him checked. I had noticed how one hip was higher than the other and sure enough he was not in proper alignment.

After the onset of care, we started noticing a change in attitude. He seemed less agitated and more relaxed. But then it started again with the short fuse and unhappiness. We went back in to Dr. Brooks and found Trenton was not in proper alignment.

Following this visit, Trenton made a comment to me that truly convinced me that this was really helping him! He told me that he felt happier. I asked him how he felt before and after the adjustments and he said when he is adjusted it takes the noise out of his head and he feels happier.

It sounded almost to me like static on a radio. Now he is the one who tells me when it is time to go see Dr. Brooks. And sure enough, I can usually tell it visually also. This form of chiropractic is very gentle… in fact, you can hardly tell anything is being done but you can sure tell a difference in how you feel. We are so thankful and can really see a big difference in how he feels about himself too!

Patricia Hall

Dr. Robert Brooks practices in Tulsa, OK. He can be reached through his website: