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Parents And Aap Clash

By Pathways Magazine

Green Our Vaccines Rally Held in Washington, DC Within Days of Creation of New Immunization Alliance to Enforce Existing CDC Vaccine Schedule

Celebrities and autism activists Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey led over 8,500 parents in a Green Our Vaccines march and rally on June 4th on the Capitol Grounds in Washington, DC .

Speakers at the event included Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who wrote the investigative piece on mercury in vaccines, “Deadly Immunity” for Rolling Stone magazine in 2005, and wellknown scientists and researchers Dr. Jay Gord and Dr. Boyd Haley.

McCarthy, author of the best-selling book Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism, and Carrey joined forces with national advocacy organizations to demand the elimination of toxins from children’s vaccines and to reassess mandatory vaccine schedules.

“This day will go down in history as a time when parents’ voices and their message to change the vaccine program was finally heard and acted upon,” said McCarthy.

Carrey garnered whoops and applause when he took the podium and stated: “I just want to start by asking the CDC one question: How stupid do they think we are? I made a movie about two dumb guys, but nobody is this stupid!”

Coincidentally or not, five days before the Green Our Vaccines rally the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) met with the leaders of 15 allied organizations in Elk Grove, Illinois, to discuss the growing refusal of parents to vaccinate their children according to recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and AAP.

The result of the meeting was the formation of the Immunization Alliance, whose purpose is to “promote the positive value of vaccines…This message will be disseminated in mainstream media, through professional organizations, and via Internet tools. Materials are expected to be available by fall 2008.”

Part of the “promotion of the positive value of vaccines” include AAP website materials instructing pediatricians on how to handle parents who refuse to follow the CDC vaccine schedule. Excerpts from a sample letter states:

“By not vaccinating your child you are taking selfish advantage of thousands of others who do vaccinate their children, which decreases the likelihood that your child will contract one of these diseases. We feel such an attitude to be self-centered and unacceptable… Furthermore, please realize that you will be required to sign a “Refusal to Vaccinate” acknowledgement in the event of lengthy delays.

Finally, if you should absolutely refuse to vaccinate your child despite all our efforts, we will ask you to find another health care provider who shares your views. We do not keep a list of such providers nor would we recommend any such physician.”

In her Vaccine Awakening blog, National Vaccine Information Center president Barbara Loe Fisher describes the formation of the alliance as “another fit of pique aimed at the growing number of vaccine-educated parents questioning pediatricians about the safety of vaccines…

“The vaccine safety and informed consent movement has been led by educated middle class mothers and fathers who DO know how to tell a bad scientific study from a good one; who DO know how to calculate the amount of mercury or aluminum in a vaccine; and who DO know the difference between being told a lie and being told the truth about vaccine risks.”

Referring to Carrey’s statement at the Green Our Vaccines rally, Fisher continues:

“AAP: we are not stupid. We will not stand by and watch our children and grandchildren become vaccine-damaged because you are obsessed with forcing every child to use every vaccine that Pharma produces with no concern for protecting the children who cannot use every vaccine safely. You can deny us medical care and try to take away our human right to voluntary, informed consent to vaccination but you will never win the war you have declared on millions of vaccine-educated parents in America.”

Sponsors and volunteers of the rally included: Generation Rescue, Healing Every Autistic Life, Moms Against Mercury, Talk About Curing Autism and over 39 other autism and environmental groups.