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Autism: The Silent Enemy

“Despite overwhelming evidence that MERCURY in vaccines containing thimerosal contributes largely to neurodevelopmental disorders in children, health authorities and medical specialty societies (such as the CDC, FDA, Public Health Department, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians) continue to promote vaccines that use thimerosal.

“The flu vaccine still contains a FULL QUANTITY OF MERCURY—12.5 ug for the pediatric dose and 25.5 ug for the adult dose. Yet health authorities have promoted flu vaccination for all children between the ages of 6 and 18 months—and they recently included all children between 5 and 18 years old. Worse still, they are pushing heavily for flu vaccination for all pregnant women.”

“Studies show that MERCURY in a pregnant woman’s blood is concentrated in the placenta, leaving the baby’s level 70% higher than that of the mother. We know the mother is getting a full adult dose of 25.5 ug of MERCURY from the vaccine. But remember: Manufacturers recommend that first-time recipients of the flu vaccine get TWO doses—that’s 51 ug of MERCURY for the mother and EVEN MORE for her tiny baby.”

“The real shock comes when you hear the EPA announcing how studies from 1999 through 2000 found that some 630,000 newborn babies had unsafe MERCURY levels in their blood. While researchers blame coal-burning power plants, studies show that the top three sources are dental amalgam, contaminated seafoods and ? VACCINATIONS.

“While they draft plans to reduce mercury emissions from coal-burning plants, they nullify any good it might do as they simultaneously promote pumping millions of children full of MERCURY-containing flu vaccines every year.”

Aluminum and the Brain

“MERCURY might get more attention, but another metal found in most vaccines is getting much deserved consideration from researchers. It’s ALUMINUM. And it is added to vaccines as an adjuvant—an additive used to boost immune reactions… Like mercury, ALUMINUM is known to be a powerful brain toxin, especially during this vital organ’s initial development. And its link to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease continues to gain credence.”

“ALUMINUM appears to poison a number of critical enzymes in cells by:

  • TRIGGERING EXCITOTOXICITY (as with mercury it causes overstimulation of brain cells resulting in cell death) AND CHRONICALLY ACTIVATING THE BRAIN’S IMMUNE SYSTEM (as does mercury), WHICH CAUSES DAMAGE.”

“Like MERCURY, ALUMINUM tends to accumulate in the brain after long periods of time. French physician Dr. R.K. Gherardi discovered other neurological effects, including difficulty thinking, memory loss, nerve damage, loss of vision and full-blown multiple sclerosis. The hepatitis B vaccine was most often associated with the condition. And the disorder was progressive—30% developed symptoms within three months, 61% within one year and 80% within two years.”

“Similar cases are being seen in the United States, including that of a small child suffering severe neurological damage. This could explain the recent report in the journal Neurology reporting the 300% increase in multiple sclerosis risk within three years of receiving the hepatitis B vaccine. Subsequent studies have shown that these ALUMINUM adjuvants create prolonged immune activation that can last years, even decades.”

“As I explained in my newsletter VACCINATIONS: THE HIDDEN DANGER, excessive stimulation of the brain’s immune system as a result of too many vaccinations can destroy mass quantities of brain cells and connections, leading to severe diseases—and even Alzheimer’s. Since thousands of newborn babies have gotten this vaccine at birth, the question is: What will these children face ten or even twenty years from now? The fear is that we could witness a multiple sclerosis explosion in teens and young adults. And the vaccine police don’t seem to care.”

Dr. Blaylock also demonstrates the evidence that MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine has not only been linked to AUTISM, but also to LOU GEHRIG’S, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND SUB-ACUTE SCLEROSIS PANENCEPHALITIS.