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Soulful Reminders And Activities For The Whole Family

In my heart, I know that all children are vibrant just as they are, if we allow them to be fully themselves. On a soul level, children enter the Earth dimension with a complete understanding of their intended purpose, and with the perfect spiritual tools needed to create from their unique vantage point. However, the beauty of taking on a human suit is that the process of life has the capacity to flow through an infinite number of streams to reach the glorious sea.

While the sea awaits us all, as parents, we can assist our beloved children in the streams—which have many twists and turns, narrow openings and vast expanses— by reminding them of a few things along the way. Ultimately, the sooner children come to remember and integrate the truth of their divine, eternal, spiritual natures, the greater will be the ease and flow of their journey and the ability to offer their intended gifts to the world.

Ideally, beyond the basic physical necessities, the greatest gift parents can offer their children is to be a clear mirror for them as conscious, spirit-embodied beings that reflect back to them wholeness, self-love, joy, appreciation, empowerment, passion, truth, vibrancy and overall well-being in every interaction. Because many parents are on the path to self-realization themselves, simultaneous spiritual development and selfexploration, where parents and children mirror each other, seems the best available option.

The following 10 soul reminders and activities are written in the hope that families can embrace them together to infuse greater spiritual awareness into the home on a daily basis.

It’s Really SOUL-to-SOUL

Our relationships aren’t really parent-to-child, doctor-topatient or neighbor-to-neighbor. Move beyond roles and experience a larger perspective of others.

Activity: Look into the eyes of someone and feel their presence beyond what you normally notice. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Through the heart, give them permission to be themselves fully.

TRUST Your Vibes

Humans are energy beings, first and foremost. Like a radio receiver, begin to sense energy on the front end and move in the direction of joy, freedom, ease, flow and uplift as much as possible with all choices.

Activity: Write down what a good vibe feels like for you. Write down what a bad vibe feels like. Share.

Your BODY Is Awesome

The human body is very much connected to the mind and spirit. Create a deep and ongoing relationship with all aspects of your body through acknowledgement and appreciation. Initiating self-healing is always the first step in recovery.

Activity: Choose a body part and talk to it in your imagination with love and gratitude for all that it does for you on a daily basis.

Everything Depends on PERSPECTIVE The piano or the key; the tree or the leaf; the sugar or the cake; the ocean or the wave—your perspective depends on where your attention is focused. All perspectives are valid, and multiple perspectives share the same space.

Activity: Create a few more analogies to exemplify perspective.

ONENESS Rocks The Divine Paradox invites peace to prosper not in an either/or mentality, but in an and/both understanding. Individuation and Oneness is one of the greatest of paradoxes, but they can be found in all life experiences.

Activity: What could you do for another to exemplify your belief in Oneness?

Shine Your LIGHT

The greatest gift to the world is the authenticity of each and every soul. The interior compass is the finest of treasures. Listen to the voice of your own soul.

Activity: What brings you joy? What makes your eyes sparkle? Create a “Love List” as fast as you can.

ASK for Help

The Universe has your back! Infinite guidance and support are available to all who ask for it. Choose to awaken to it and utilize it now.

Activity: Think about something that you desire help with right now, and ask your soul, God, angels and/or spirit guides for assistance. Let the Universe know on a daily basis that you are available, open and ready for an ongoing relationship with Spirit.

The POWER of Soul Time

The interior world is just as real and valuable as the exterior one. It is extremely important to balance the two with equal amounts of attention, acknowledgement and appreciation.

Activity: Write down your favorite place for quiet soul time.

YOU Are a Powerful CREATOR

Thoughts, words, deeds, priorities, beliefs and states of being create reality. Become accountable for your energetic offerings—both input and output. We are responsible for our own lives.

Activity: Name one area in your life where you could offer more positive, joyous, appreciative energy.


Gratitude is a high vibration. More than simply saying thank you to be polite, feeling gratitude changes everything.

Activity: Hold an “Appreciation Blitz” in your imagination by appreciating as much as possible everything you can think of in your life right now.

Greater intimacy with our own soul will change our world. There is so much more occurring in our multidimensional reality than most people realize, but we are being called right now to go deeper and wider in the breadth and scope of our perspectives and perceptions. The world awaits our authenticity, our joy and our love