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Creating Your Own Power Of Eight Circle

By Lynne McTaggart

Assemble a group of eight like-minded friends who are open to the possibility of healing and intention. You can use a book group, a church group, or the members of your neighborhood. It’s not necessary to be physically present with the members of the group. A virtual connection, in my experience, works just as well. It’s also not strictly necessary to have exactly eight people, but eight is the optimum number. I would suggest that your group be no fewer than six and no more than 12, so that you have enough of a critical mass to feel like a group, but not so many that you get lost in it.

1. Ask if any of the members of the group with a healing challenge of some sort (emotional or physical) would like to be the target of the healing intention. Allow the person nominated as the recipient to describe her problem in detail.

2. Spend a few moments talking over and designing the intention statement that you will all hold together.

3. Gather around in a circle. Either join hands or place the nominated subject in the middle of the circle, as every other member of the group places one hand on the subject, like the spokes of a wheel. (You can embody this process virtually, through visualization, as a way to increase your intention and focus.)

4. Have the members of the group close their eyes and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Each should hold the intention statement in her mind while imagining, with all five senses, the intention recipient as healthy and well in every way. All members should then send out the intention through their hearts. The intention recipient should remain open to receive.

5. After 10 minutes, gently end the healing intention and have everyone take a few moments to “come back” into the room. First ask the intention recipient to describe how he feels, and if he has experienced any changes, positive or negative. All the other members may then take turns sharing experiences. Take note of any feelings of palpable oneness, as well as any improvement in the conditions of both senders and receivers.

6. With time, begin to select targets outside your group.

7. Keep a careful note of any monthly progress in your own life: your health, your relationships, your career, your life’s purpose.