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By Patrick Farenga

Don’t let it scare you, children are learning all the time.

I think homeschooling is getting a bad rap from the past 2 years.

Parents are pulling their hair out trying to teach their children at home and cursing "homeschooling” as a result. However, participating in daily classroom lessons sent from school to do at home is remote learning, not homeschooling. However, for most of the public, homeschooling is simply doing school at home and now that perception is further primed by our school’s need to supply conventional schoolwork through the internet.

This is why many homeschoolers use the word unschooling to describe what they do: Learning at home doesn’t have to occur only at home nor resemble learning in school. Experienced homeschoolers and those who study education alternatives know you don’t need to use grades, standardized test regimens, and school’s seat-time metrics to judge how well a child is learning. You know because the child can demonstrate knowledge and mastery of topics by performing and documenting their ability to do the science, history, math, and so on.

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