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The Chiropractic Journey

By Eric Plasker, DC

From Persecuted to Essential

“While many may not think of it in these terms, chiropractic’s growth has been a grassroots movement since the beginning. Healthcare freedom has been in the chiropractic DNA since its inception and still is today.”

In 1895, during the Second Industrial Revolution, life expectancy was 46.3 years for women and 48.3 years for men. The concept of public health in the US had just come into being in the 1870s and 1880s. It was industrialization and rapid population growth in the big cities of the East Coast that led to advances in public sanitation and standards of living.

During this time, many important steps were made in the field of public health. Among them: German physician and microbiologist Robert Koch formulated his postulates on modern bacteriology; and Claude Bernard began, and Antoine Bechamp expanded upon, terrain theory, which states that a healthy internal environment can innately handle the various microorganisms that come its way.

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