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The Amazing Human Body

Have you ever wondered how your body heals when you fall off your bike and scrape your arm and knee?

Or how every cell in your body just knows the exact reaction to mount a response to a threat in our immune system? The human body has an amazing ability to adapt, change, and heal all on its own. This is called innate intelligence. Every living thing has innate intelligence.

How does innate intelligence communicate with all of the body parts? How does it know to absorb some nutrients and to reject others, and at the same time grow and develop the muscles that you just worked out at the gym? The answer to these questions is we all have an inborn wisdom, innate intelligence. This wisdom, which God placed in our bodies, is designed to develop us and keep us healthy throughout our lifetimes.

With innate intelligence, every cell of your body is connected and controlled through your brain and spinal cord. Your nervous system is the master communication network for innate intelligence. The brain and spinal cord, also known as the Central Nervous System (CNS), controls all functions of the body by a process that sends signals from the brain via the nerves and then out to the body. This system is called the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS.) 

It is vitally important for the body parts to always have communication and stay connected with the brain. One important reason for this connection is for restoring or repairing and healing from injuries that may happen on a daily basis. We all need to be able to adapt to our environment, which for many of us is always changing.

If a body part loses communication with that network, it will begin to lose its proper function and not be in sync with the rest of the body. This will cause us to become weaker and weaker, and more susceptible to injury or trauma because it isn’t performing and supporting us optimally.

The way for that body part to stay plugged-in to the innate intelligence is through the nervous system. Every nerve supplies every organ, every muscle, and every tissue. Those nerves need to properly relay their signals through the PNS all the way up to the innate intelligence headquarters in the brain. Our brain, being the master controller, sends signals that travel down the spinal cord, then exit out a small space between two vertebrae, which ultimately takes the information all the way to its destination.

If that network is disrupted at any point along its path, the signal will be weaker or even lost. The number one most common way for those signals to be disrupted is through misalignment in the spine. The space that the nerve needs to exit the spine is quite small and also contains blood vessels, lymph vessels, and fatty tissue.

Chiropractic frees up those signals of innate intelligence to flow from your brain to the body, allowing us to properly develop, heal, and achieve normal function. 

It only takes about 10mm of Hg (mercury) pressure on a nerve (about the weight of a dime) to cut the nerve signal off about 50%. The misalignment of the vertebra is called a vertebral subluxation. This mis-alignment causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerve exiting the space between the spinal bones. The result is that the intended body part for that nerve will not be receiving the full message from the brain. So you can imagine if the brain cannot communicate with the body, then there will not be proper function. 

The reason why so many people are helped with peripheral problems like muscle tension and weakness, digestive problems, and even asthma through chiropractic care, is because we remove the interference between those body parts and the brain.

It is not just about pain! So many people correlate chiropractic with helping back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Chiropractic is about restoring FUNCTION. Better communication between the brain and body is our driving force. Chiropractic frees up those signals of innate intelligence to flow from your brain to the body, allowing us to properly develop, heal, and achieve normal function.

Chiropractic’s main goal is to allow a clearer expression of your innate intelligence.

Yes, we help with back and neck pain, but that is not what gets me out of bed every day to help more people! Most importantly, chiropractic allows your innate intelligence to be able to communicate freely throughout the body through the nervous system. Your innate intelligence is programmed to cause your body to thrive with health, and I’m here to support you now and throughout your lifetime.

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