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I was out whale watching with some friends when we were talking with the marine biologist and exchanging what we did for a living. As the conversation got around to me, I shared my love for chiropractic and pediatrics.

She told me of her 15-month-old grandson and some neurological challenges he was having and that his specialists did not have any answers. I offered to check him and see if chiropractic might help; while I could not make any promises, I knew that removing any nerve interference was going to be an essential piece to aid in his recovery. I had been seeing extended members of their family, so the infant’s mother easily said yes and brought him to our office for care.

The little boy’s history included an easy, happy pregnancy that would end with a planned Caesarean section for delivery. The plans were abruptly changed when labor began on its own and early at 37 weeks. While not considered an emergency caesarean section, the shift in timeline was cause for concern for the parents. The family had previously lost a baby after premature birth and now the newest member of their family was delivered early and was struggling to breathe. Thankfully, he was able to recover fairly quickly and was placed in the loving arms of his mom.

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