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Old Dad Chiro (D.D. Palmer’s) Timeless Wisdom

By Zail Khalsa, DC

Approximately two decades ago, I found myself contemplating an intriguing question: If DD Palmer, the esteemed founder of chiropractic, were alive in our modern era, what teachings and practices would he impart? This question isn’t just speculative; it aims to bridge the historic foundations of chiropractic with contemporary thought and practice. 

DD Palmer himself was driven by curiosity and a desire to understand human health on a profound level. He pondered why, under seemingly identical conditions, one person might succumb to illness while another remains unaffected. His pursuit of this question led to the birth of the chiropractic profession. 

Today’s chiropractic field is marked by the coexistence of two distinct paradigms. On one hand, we have a reductionist view that regards humans as nothing more than biological entities in a random universe. On the other, there’s a belief in a universal intelligence or consciousness that we are all a part of. These perspectives might seem irreconcilable at first glance. 

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