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Love Is The Adjustment

By Ken Cooper, DC

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bob Marley lately. I mean, really listening to what he had to say in his songs.

Yes, I love that reggae beat. It’s fun to turn it up as I drive in my Jeep with the top down. But those songs have gotten me thinking about his philosophy of inclusion, of one people, and of changing the world with one tool—love.

He used music as the vehicle to express his message of love. Of course, I began to think of how it applies to chiropractic.

We know that to love is one of the principles of lasting purpose, and to deliver an adjustment takes love for the person receiving care. But how many have considered that the adjustment itself isn’t just delivered in love…but is love? Not just the expression of love, not just an act of love, not a symbol of love, but instead, Love incarnate. That a true chiropractic adjustment is, in and of itself, LOVE.

How many of us have felt that love pass from ourselves to another, each and every time we deliver that love-giving adjustment?

I have heard many discussions lately about how humans need interaction and affection to be healthy. If we approach our adjustments as pure love, how much further can we help the ones we care for, especially during these crazy times?

It seems like a small shift in thinking, but it’s the difference between night and day.

I have worked to give every adjustment I deliver out of my own abundance of love, and with love—but I hadn’t truly considered giving it as Love directly.

And that difference is the difference between the power coming from a triple-A battery and the power coming from a lightning bolt! It’s crazy, how much more powerful it is.

So tomorrow, chiropractors, open that office and offer the ones you care for the lightning power of pure Love!

This is how we change the world.