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Hope Through Health: The Chiropractic Calling

By Aaron Sanchez

For some, chiropractic is a calling. A future certain to have a positive impact on countless individuals, and a path determined long before a decision on a future career needs to be made. For others it’s a question mark. A polarizing part of the health professions that many lack basic knowledge around. It’s the social media posts, the cracking sound in videos, and little to no understanding of what the profession actually does. For many, chiropractic chooses them. The profession and the art associated with it comes into their lives at the exact right time to plant a seed. A seed that will bloom into purpose over time. Whether that initial encounter is one of chance or dictated by other circumstances, chiropractic presents itself when needed. The story of Daniela Reyes is no different. While she has no chiropractic miracle story like many who have pursued this profession, her story is a miracle in its own right; it’s one of greater purpose, vision, talent, and humility. It’s the story of someone who is rooted in family and aspires to change the world one patient at a time. 

What makes chiropractic unique is the connection and rapport created through communication with your patient’s body through touch.

When Daniela started her chiropractic journey, she entered Life Chiropractic College West as the youngest student to start the program to that point at just 20 years old. While Daniela jumped into this journey head on and was steadfast in the pursuit of her dream of being a doctor, chiropractic was not always her desired path. In fact, according to Daniela, “It was nowhere on my radar” a year prior to her starting chiropractic school. 

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