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Chiropractic Comforts Baby

By Pathways Magazine

We sought out chiropractic care because our 6-month-old son, Rex, was very colicky, gassy and suffered from a stuffy nose. Rex couldn’t sleep well at all either.

Chiropractic has changed our lives. It is so unbelievable to see my baby do “normal” things without crying in constant pain. He is able to lay in his car seat and make it down the road in the car without crying because of painful gas. He can now sleep through the night without waking every 20 minutes to an hour because of painful gas.

Rex is now rolling over and enjoying his tummy time without pain. He is a completely changed baby and we’ve only been under care for three weeks!

Rex is finally on the road to a healthy and happy life thanks to chiropractic care!

Mother of Rex L.Minnesota, USA

Both Rex and his mother are under care with Andrew Kuecher, DC, FICPA. He is an active ICPA member and supporter and has earned his 120 Hour Pediatric Certification with the ICPA.

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