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Chiropractic Care For My Daughters

By Pathways Magazine

A mom’s testimonial to the I.C.P.A. website and chiropractic.

Just wanted to let you know that your website helped me to learn a bit more about pediatric chiropractors and that a lot of kids do need it. I had my doubts about it, although I’ve seen a chiropractor for several years myself.

I believe in chiropractic care being better for myself, because of my apprehension towards taking chemicals and medications into my body. Your information has been a great resource and I’ve bookmarked it so I can find it again easily and refer friends to it.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I took my 3 year old into my doctor, and he did find that she needed some adjustments in her neck and slightly through her lower back. Prior to this, she had suddenly ended up in the hospital one day last month with a breathing/wheezing problem. The regular pediatricians couldn’t figure out what created the problem, they only wanted to treat the symptom. My chiropractor was adjusting me when I told him about my daughter, and he asked if she had any trauma to her body recently that could have jarred things around in her body. Since she has taken a few falls from her play horse she got at Christmas, we tried an adjustment. So far she’s improved enough that I’ve been able to nearly eliminate the prescribed albuterol treatments unless it gets really bad.

My other daughter, who is 11 and weighs about 85 pounds, rides horses and has taken a couple of falls from her horse while jumping. She doesn’t complain about any pain, but since she was with us and I remembered an article about school books/backpacks on your website, I had my chiropractor check her as well. She needed and had adjustments all over her body— some were quite large “releases” which surprised us all. I think between carrying a 40 pound backpack for school, and her riding, her whole neck and shoulder area suffered, as well as the top part of her hip. I’m so glad we had her checked out. She says she felt so much better after, she never realized how bad it was. Therefore, your article that offers info about the school kids who haul astronomically sized backpacks and huge books around was helpful to start care. My daughter continues to carry the heavy backpack, but now I know I will be taking her in for a regular check up with our Doctor of Chiropractic to get a quick adjustment. I plan to use your information to send to the school for posting in our school’s newsletter.

Thanks again for putting your site out there.