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Andrea’s Story

If someone told me a year ago that I would be taking my son to see a chiropractor for his chronic sinusitis, I would have been a bit doubtful; not because I didn’t believe in chiropractic care (I had a very good experience with it myself), but simply for the short-sighted assumption that chiropractic care was “only for back-related” problems. Boy, was I narrow-minded!

Over the summer, I met Dr. David at the Kids’ Day America event held at his Body of Light Family Chiropractic office. It was then when Dr. David asked me what I would really like to see “get well” in my son, Andreas. I immediately said, “Chronic Sinusitis.” For years, I had tried the traditional approach of using antibiotics (even though I always hated using antibiotics), then switched to a more preventative approach with the nasal spray, Nasonex. But that approach was not as effective, nor as satisfactory. As soon as Dr. David enlightened me about the connection between misaligned vertebrae in children and sinus problems, I felt that proverbial light bulb go off in my head. All my life I have always felt that traditional Western style medicine never truly “listens” to what the body is telling it, nor does Western medicine give enough credit to the human body for healing itself through natural means. As someone with a traditional nursing background and coming from a family of doctors, I can honestly say that these are the conclusions made in the nursing and medical schools. However, being of Asian heritage, my belief in the power of the body to heal itself by natural means usually had precedence over my Western schooling.Dr. David told me that children usually see some kind of change after about 2 weeks of chiropractic care. Well, the night before our first adjustment with Dr. David, Andreas had his usual sinusitis cough that resulted from the postnasal drip. The next day, we had our first adjustment with Dr. David. I didn’t have any expectation of an “immediate” change, knowing that more adjustments needed to be done until some change could be noted. That very same night, I was absolutely speechless. Andreas was sleeping peacefully through the night in silence. I couldn’t wait to tell Dr. David! Even he was surprised at how quickly the first adjustment affected Andreas. Now, it has come to the point where I know if Andreas likely needs an adjustment. When Andreas is roughhousing and throws himself out of alignment a bit, his cough creeps back in; all I do is take Andreas in for an adjustment and he is literally back on track, and sleeping soundly at night.

I have told about Andreas’ experiences to my friends, family, and strangers in the hopes of giving back enlightenment to someone else who is desperately trying to find a more satisfactory treatment for long-term ailments and overall wellness. There truly is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

– Andreas and Susan Ilia

Drs. David and Melanie Spears are ICPA members who practice at: Body of Light Family Chiropractic, Eugene OR. Their family oriented practice sees many children.