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World Mercury Project

People ask me, “Why are you doing this? You were doing so many important things with your life— fighting global warming, fighting for clean energy, and fighting for clean rivers and the environment.”

This isn’t what I wanted to do. I had a choice of either putting my head down and walking away from it, pretending I didn’t see it, or getting involved and taking all the risks of doing that. I have taken those risks and I have endured what came along with it, but I’ve endured it happily because I believe that if I can spare one kid from getting this injury, it will be worth it. God gave these children brains. God gave them the ability to think, to read, to reason, to interact with their peers, to laugh, to enjoy their lives—and these companies are stealing that from them. And that is a crime worse than assault and battery; it’s child abuse. I didn’t have any choice but to get involved with this fight, and I’m going to fight it until the end. I am not going to stand down. I’m not going to give up.

I’m going to fight for you, and I’m going to fight for your children. I need your support because the forces that I’m up against are forces that have been able to compromise every major institution of our democracy. People who stand up against them get crushed, but I know how to fight them because I’ve spent a lifetime fighting big shots and bullies, and that’s who they are—greedy bullies who have that arrogance of power, who believe they can get away with anything, including destroying the lives of our children. And I’m not going to let them do that.

I am going to fight until the last day of my life, with the last bit of energy I have, to make sure we get justice for these children, to make sure that we can produce a healthy generation of American children that doesn’t have this epidemic of neurological and other injuries. I’m going to make sure that we have good science—transparent science—and a robust regulator that’s independent from the industry he or she is supposed to regulate. We may never have honest politicians in this country—they’re always going to be compromised by money—but we deserve good regulators, we deserve good science, and we deserve healthy children. That’s what I’m going to fight for, and I promise you that nobody is going to fight harder for this, or more effectively than I’m going to. Please give me your support. I need it. Every penny that you give me I will put to work getting justice for these children and making sure that we have a healthy generation.