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Tongue to Toes: The Holistic Way to Resolve Tongue “Ties” at their Root

In sitting down to write, I find myself drafting a string of words that want to lean upon the importance of healthy debate—an art form that may seem far and foreign in a world in which we can insulate ourselves in resonant thought bubbles with a simple click of a blue button adoringly labeled “unfollow.” We have seemingly decided, culturally, to shy away from that which is challenging, as, for just about any topic, we can most certainly find an echo chamber in which our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and theories can indubitably be corroborated, justifying that which may resonate as a truth, be it individual or collective. May we start with something with which (hopefully) we can all agree? Infants, mothers, fathers, and families as a whole are direly in need of more sound support systems.

One of the biggest inspirations for the creation of my own space of healing and practice (the inside space; a family chiropractic studio) was to cultivate, from the ground up (or rather, from the deepest corners of my social media grid to the walls of my physical space) a home for ultimate acceptance, for profound healing, generational change, sharing of wisdom and knowledge, and an abode for questions galore. Not to mention, a bad ass web of trusted providers and practitioners with whom we can all learn, collaborate, share, and care. 

When building the inside space, I intentionally decided to withhold the word “chiropractic” from the first chunk of the title. Most people have a fairly strong preconceived notion of what chiropractic is and is not, can and cannot support, and can or cannot facilitate in healing. It has been my mission over these last two years to absolutely flip this definition on its head. 

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