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The Mental Health of Our Kids

Over the past several years, our kids have largely been “removed” from their lives.

Although we’re grateful for the slow pace and the one-on-one time, there is great concern over the impact that this has had on the brain development of our kids.

Our neurodevelopment depends on critical windows of time in which certain life experiences will act as a trigger for brain maturation. We are genetically designed to express appropriate brain development in response to specific interactions with our environment. These critical windows exist in age-specific clusters from birth until our early to mid-twenties.

How we experience our world in the first two decades shapes our neurological outcomes. Epigenetics teaches us that we have specific genes responsible for healthy development, but, these genes can remain dormant in the absence of specific cues. Missed critical windows will affect how we perceive our environment and how we interact with our world both physically and emotionally.

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