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My Father Is A Great Man

By Pathways Magazine

By Paul

He is a man. He is 44 years old. He has black hair and sparkling blue eyes. He is my father. He is by far the person of whom I am most proud. Taking care of his children and relatives is his top priority. Everyone that knows him sees him as a brilliant man because of his generosity and kindness. My goal in life is to grow up and become just like him. He is very successful in his career and in anything that he shoots to accomplish. In the following three paragraphs, you will see why it is that I am so proud of this man.

This man is loved by all who meet him due to how well he treats all people. If a friend of the family needs help with something, my father will be the first person there. They know that they can rely on him for help with their problems. He and my brother are always working on somebody’s car, fixing whatever their problem may be. This is one of the reasons that people realize what a great man he is.

The most important thing to him, though, is taking care of his six children and his relatives. When his kids need something, he takes on his responsibility by solving their needs. He is very lenient when it comes to doing things that most parents would not allow, be cause he knows how great it is when you are allowed to do something that you want to do. I have heard so many kids say that they aren’t allowed to do something that, in my house, would be considered something to be done regularly. Because he can take care of six children while worrying about other people that need his help, it makes me incredibly proud of him for being able to do all this at the same time.

In his job, he is very successful. He helps people feel better. He is a chiropractor. People who go to him know that they can trust him because of the type of person he is. This is why all the people who go to him come back over and over for adjustments. I am very proud that he can do all of this and also be very good at what he does for a living.

My father is a great man in many ways, as you have seen. He is adored by friends, he is very responsible when it comes to taking care of his children, and he is very successful in his career. He also knows what it’s like to be a kid, so he knows how we like to be treated. For all of these reasons, I am very proud to be able to call him my father.