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Genes Don’t Have the Last Word, Afterall

"A checkup two years ago revealed, to the astonishment of everyone involved, that Anna still has the complete Free Trisomy 21."

In 1998, Anna, born with Down syndrome, overcame this “genetic disorder” through the application of German New Medicine (GNM).

Prior to her GNM Therapy, Anna was considered broadly incapacitated, both physically as well as mentally. Doctors had diagnosed her to be as much as 60 percent physically defective. This included partial paralysis of her legs. At the age of 4 and a half, her mental development and verbal skills were at the 1-year-old level. Anna’s parents had embraced all officially recognized treatments for special-needs children, but these had failed to produce results.

In 1998, Anna’s mother, a physician herself, contacted Dr. Hamer for advice.

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