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Adjusting For Life: How Releasing The Power That Made The Body Heals The Body

When Sofia was 2 months old she started having multiple seizures daily. Her parents brought her to specialists throughout South Florida in the hopes of finding an answer. An EEG showed significant epileptic activity and brain waves characteristic of a 30-week-preemie. She was placed on five medications, which didn’t significantly change her seizures, but made her very lethargic and interfered with her ability to breastfeed and develop normally. Dissatisfied with the approaches she was offered, Sofia’s mom needed another option. A wonderful pediatrician encouraged her to visit my office for a chiropractic evaluation. I found subluxations in Sophia’s upper cervical area.

After the first adjustment, Sofia started to “nurse like a champ” and regain head control. Just a couple of adjustments later, Sofia started to be more active, smiling regularly; she was soon seizure free for three days! A follow-up EEG revealed significantly less epileptic activity and brain waves characteristic of a normal 3-month-old. According to Sofia’s mother, the neurologist couldn’t believe it was the same baby. He asked her, “What medications did you start her on?” and she replied, “On the contrary, we reduced her medication and started chiropractic!” As of this writing, several weeks after she began care, Sofia has been seizure-free for nine days, the longest stretch she has ever gone without seizures. Additionally, she is now taking only one medication, down from the five she’d been on when she started chiropractic care.