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What is Heart Coherence?

If we want to grasp the meaning of heart coherence, we have to begin seeing the body in terms of waves and frequencies.


A few of the biological frequencies we are familiar with include the heartbeat, the inhale/exhale frequency of respiration, the spinal liquid pump frequency, the alpha and beta frequencies in brain-waves, and the energy production frequencies of cellular ATP and ADP. All of the frequencies of the body, collected together, make up the human being. But these waves/frequencies also determine the quality of our experience.


The role of the heart among this system of biological waves turns out to be quite important. First and foremost, the heart should be recognized—not as a pump—but as “the primary conductor of all biological waves in the body” (Credit: Dan Winter). In essence, when these waves learn to follow one another, harmoniously, and together embed in the rhythm of the heartbeat, we receive the vibrant sensation of heart coherence and can grasp its visceral meaning.


The image to what this harmonious ‘coherence’ looks like is called a fractal. A simple fractal can help explain, diagrammatically, what our biological waves—embedding one inside the other—looks like. Imagine plotting a large sine wave on a piece of paper, and then trace a smaller sine waver along the line of the larger wave. Now imagine doing that for the smaller wave, and on and on… This is what the body does in a state of coherence; it takes each wave-frequency generated, in all their varying sizes, and embeds them in harmonious proportion within the heart’s frequency. What we get is a wave on a wave on a wave, etc..


The picture gets more grand when we take into account the bio active field surrounding the body. This field is a detectable field of waves that come together in the form of a toroid or dount shape. It is a collection of waves emanating not only from the heart, but from the brain and other electrical activities of the body. Indeed, it is closely connected with the heart coherence described above, for when the heart experiences coherence with the whole of the body, the bio active field takes on a serene and inclusive quality, as if to say to the surrounding environment, “come and join me!”


Our surrounding environment is also composed of various systems of waves. Just as the body is composed of waves, so also is the ground, the walls of our house, and the natural world. The inclusiveness of our bio active field, based on a state of heart coherence, is one of our primary resources as human beings, because with it we can invite energy and charge to enter our field, as long as we demonstrate that we are fractal and coherent enough as a biological system of waves and frequencies.