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Waking Up to Do No Harm

By Cilla Whatcott, HD, CCH, PhD

The modern red and white barber pole represents the fine art of bloodletting, wildly popular in the 1800’s to flush out bad humors and invigorate health. In the early 1900’s infants were given “soothing syrups” for teething, fussiness or generally intolerable behavior, laden with morphine, opium, heroin, and cannabis. [i] Mercury, the most toxic heavy metal imaginable, was used for sexually transmitted diseases, wounds, irregularity, and even today for filling cavities in the form of amalgam fillings. We prescribed thalidomide in the 1960’s to quell nausea during pregnancy and 10,000 babies were born with limb malformations with a 50% mortality rate.[ii] We smoked ourselves into oblivion on every TV show and popular movie screen while doctors touted the “relaxing effects” of Camel cigarettes. Government authorities hung on to that misconception for many decades to protect the financial interests of tobacco companies as a result of their abundant lobbying dollars.

How did we awaken from some of these detrimental practices?

The widespread use of the internet has been instrumental in broadening communication. This “information highway” has awakened many individuals by allowing them more immediate access to research, studies, public opinion and information from around the globe. As a result, the world is smaller. Talking to our neighbors on another continent is rapidly becoming more like talking over the back fence. And “awakening” is happening in the scientific community as well.

True scientists welcome questions. They aim to understand the natural world in its unfolding perfection. They utilize evidence from an ever changing scope of vision and possess the maturity to correct their course when they stray. This expanding diversity of perspective requires discernment, objectivity, and most importantly, moral integrity. Science is never “settled.” It doesn’t end with the last edition of a physics textbook.

Just as True Health is the adaptability of the human organism – getting sick and getting better through exercising a robust immune response – so is True Science the flexibility of questioning the status quo and seeking a broader and deeper perspective.   What we once called ‘safe and effective’ has been found to be harmful. “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette” is a slogan now seen for what it truly was – the slick promotion of one of the largest economic interests on the globe. [iii]It has left devastation in its path. Must we always reach this level of harm before we awaken? Perhaps the damages simply reflect the dark side of the growing light in the world.

Every school of philosophy, every body of science, and every major religion posits the principle of “opposition in all things.” Everything that exists, both materially as well as energetically, has an opposite. So as we gain expertise in technologies such as computer engineering, space travel, genetics, and medical science, we also see the opposite effects taking place. These advances contribute to both lightness and darkness in the world. Global warming, pollution, deforestation, and more and more so-called science are being advanced by greed and financial interests. We are positioned to be the first species in natural history that has achieved the capacity to eradicate itself. If we continue along this path, we will surely witness global catastrophe. But we are also advancing in our knowledge of what it means to be conscious and truly beginning to wake up!

Our level of consciousness in the choices we make is essential to our collective evolution; to our very survival. No longer can we depend upon what we are spoon-fed by mainstream media to have our best interest in mind when media is being driven by special interests. No longer can we accept the authority of mainstream medicine in order to raise healthy children or have thriving families. Talking with our neighbors over the back fence is more important than ever if we are to make informed and conscious choices in this rapidly changing world.

It is easy to fall victim to the paralyzing fear caused by growing governmental control of medical procedures. [iv] Social media can quickly generate panic and worry when one scans Facebook or watches the evening news. But we can each make a conscious choice to wake up simply by consciously directing our focus and our thoughts. What we give our attention to increases and expands.

By recognizing that one size doesn’t fit everyone, people are turning attention to functional medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbalism and other modalities that honor differences and address the individual. These practices can be deeply healing and by their holistic nature address the physical, emotional and spiritual components of human existence. This shift elicits gentleness with ourselves, which in turn places less focus on the systems and practices that do not work, and ultimately have the potential to do harm.

Instead of focusing upon the dire prospects of what Orwellian horrors may be on the horizon, we can join the growing numbers of more conscious individuals who are actively holding the world in a healing place. In this way, we can all wake up to do no more harm.

workphoto2_CompressedCilla is the director of Worldwide Choice – an organization training medically licensed practitioners to administer homeoprophylaxis. Cilla has been a guest lecturer in France, Spain, Scotland, Indonesia, the US, and Canada. As the mother to children adopted from Russia, Taiwan and China, and one biological child, her deepest desire is to help mothers and children everywhere.


FrontCover55KB(1)There Is a Choice introduces a safe alternative to conventional vaccines. The 200 year old method of homeoprophylaxis, also known as HP, is now becoming the cutting edge answer for educating the immune system safely. Cilla looks at the research and reason behind HP and includes her own compelling story of her daughter’s vaccine injury leading her to search for better answers.