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The Umbilical Cord and Autism

An interesting interview between Brian Hooker and Del Bigtree discussed an issue that’s quite fascinating.

What they discussed was the apparent success of treating autism with the stem cells found in the individuals umbilical cord from birth, that was saved by the family, and utilized after the onset of Autism.

The implication behind these individuals success with stem cells from their original selves, at the moment of birth, suggests that the the autism could not be “genetic” as is claimed by many who perhaps wish don’t want to address the likely possibility of environmental causes. This treatment’s success demonstrates the reality of autism’s environmental cause.

What are some practices that parents can look into to make the most out of this new finding? First, they can delay cord clamping and cord-cutting after the birth of their newborn. Some suggest delaying for 5 minutes while others have delayed the cutting of the cord until the pulse from the placenta stops entirely. The end result of this ancient, intuitive practice is the insufflation of as much blood and particuarly in our scenario, of the stem cells contained in the umbilical cord, for the baby to have.

Another practice is Placenta encapsulation and consumption. This is also a very traditional practice, without knowing it, the wisdom behind this practice may assure that the placental nutrients, stem cells, and chemical signatures are mediated to the child through the mother’s milk supply.