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RECIPE: Vegan Truffle Bites

Ok, so Pathways has dazzled in many healthy snacks; lots of nut balls and bars with all kinds of things in them. Each time we try something different; using some new discovered ingredients, or just reliable and delicious add-ins. But this recipe, oh my. This has to be our favorite snack to date. We have made this recipe more times than any other because it is so good. One of the best things about it, is the simplicity in ingredients.

We didn’t bother searching for rare nuts or seeds that would make it, we just took some trustworthy items you can find at most grocery stores, and blended them together. That’s it. And now all of us are addicted, to say the least in having these on hand all the time.

These are perfect as a dessert replacement since they are a nice sweetness, but with added salty goodness as well. The four simple ingredients are as follows: pistachios, dates, coconut oil, and vanilla. Blend that all together, roll up and cover in cocoa powder, or our new found love is shredded coconut, and there you have it.

Trust me, you won’t go back to cookies after trying these; they are really that good.

See the full recipe on our Recipe Blog: Vegan Truffle Bites


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