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RECIPE: Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade

Pathways loves in-season foods and refreshing and unique recipes. As a family of 15 or so we like to have freshly made drinks available. It’s hard to remember the last time we bought a soda or any drink saturated with corn syrup for that matter, but even the “healthy” options have 20-30 grams of sugar in it, regardless of the fact it’s all natural cane sugar. And there’s always the “natural flavors” ingredient (I love that word, “natural”) that leaves you anything but satisfied.

We need homemade options, and now is the season with local berries flourishing the markets. This recipe, you can quickly conjure up with your choice of sugar (we used honey) and have stored in the fridge for a refreshing option on a hot spring day.

We have made ginger ales and lemonade; homemade iced tea and infused waters; but this recipe is something else. It is not quite a slushy, but neither just lemonade. The mixture is an assortment of slightly sweet and sour, with a bit of tang from the rhubarb. Mmm, mmm, it truly is delightful.

The best part is how easy it is; takes but 20 minutes of prep with chilling time. But the thing is, you can make batches and have stored for days.

Definitely something to keep in mind for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!

View the full recipe here.

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