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Kids Microbiome

By Tania Rodriguez-Arias

Growing Up

The resilience to pick one’s self up when things don’t go the way they expect and the motivation to follow through regardless of the results help them to meet life’s natural challenges, and ensure that they learn their soul lessons through their lifelong journey.

Allowing children to have a self made perception of who they really are encourages in them this sense of self esteem and willingness to carry on making efforts for what they want.

But even while we raise our children from an authentic place, conscious of who they really are, (instead of making them fulfill our own inner dreams about who we want them to become) we still have to address a few issues concerning the solar plexus.

It’s All In the Gut

In Eastern medicine the gut is placed with the third chakra—the solar plexus chakra—and it is the center for self-esteem, self-respect, and intuition. Cutting edge research and studies have shown the interconnection between our gut and our brain. The vagus nerve, surrounded by an intricate web of nerve endings and hormones, streamline chemicals between our gut and our brain. This chemical information, absorbed by our cells every moment of every day, change depending on our thoughts, emotions, and the food we eat.

The bacteria and enzymes to digest our food, the inner feeling that we get about people and situations, the butterflies in the stomach when we are nervous about something, and the assertiveness to follow our dreams—all depend on the health of our gut and solar plexus!

Growing up is a never ending process as long as we are alive. We might enjoy it at times and at others we have to cope with suffering and distress. Yet life is always in a constant flow and change. Above all, we need to feel nourished and satisfied in the journey.