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How to Rate Your Life and Dissolve Dissatisfaction

Do you feel like you’re at a crossroads? Like something needs to or is about to change but you’re not sure what? Are you stuck?


According to a recent article by Dr. John Demartini in Pathways 59, the answer to this floundering in life lies in increased gratitude for the areas where we feel lack.

Gratitude enhances and ‘fixes’ all seven areas of our life.

Here is a list of the seven aspects of our lives. You can think of it like a pie, with the bigger slices for things that are more important to you, but it may be more accurate to think of seven pies laid over each other.

Your task is to come up with a percentage for how satisfied you are with each aspect of life. Is it in a comfortable place? Stable? Flowing appropriately? Or are you stuck and anxious there? Are you thinking about it constantly, trying or hoping for change?

Are you 100% satisfied with the spiritual aspects of your life? Or is there part of it that doesn’t feel right or fulfilled? Rate how you feel on each.








Now, make a list of what you’re grateful for in each category, but give special attention to the ones you feel most stuck, bothered, or upset by. Wherever most of your dissatisfaction is, focus your attention on finding what you’re grateful for there.

Every situation is neutral (unable to be scored on a satisfaction scale) until you judge it. Some good can come from every situation.

Dr. Demartini says, “The speed in which you see both sides is a reflection of your wisdom and the breadth and depth of your awareness.” Wisdom is being able to see both sides and be grateful for even the tough experiences.

Anything you’re not grateful for becomes baggage and will run your life. Anything you’re grateful for becomes fuel.

Whatever you resist persists. Focusing on the negative only keeps it around, muddying the waters and bringing satisfaction levels down. If you are grateful for even the things you’d normally resist, you can accept it as part of your life and then let it go. Let it go, thank it for how it helped you grow or whatever good it brought, and move on.

When you don’t, the dissatisfaction grows and continues to be in the way. Work on seeing both sides of the difficult bits in your life and everything is a little easier and considerably more satisfying. For most of us, we only see the positives once the trial is passed. That’s OK, too.

Practice will help us find them faster and faster. Gratitude will bring more and more joy.