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How Sweet It IS

Blessed Abundance

Blessed Abundance

Doesn’t everyone have the wonderful memory of honey-suckle flowers. The smell is almost intoxicating when you pass by the vines and I still can’t resist pulling off a flower, biting its tip and sucking the teeny tiney bit of sweetness that comes out.

Honeysuckle bush close 2

Taste the Sweetness

Well, last week was peak honeysuckle season here and we are blessed with several healthy patches of vines. I was researching edible flowers to make sure all of our gardens bloomed with contributors in both beauty and culinary potential and of course, honey suckle came up. Of course I had the memories of suckling on the flowers, but it dawned on me to use the flowers for home made water kefir. Lately, my son has taken this project on and is keeping us in ample supply.  And just to use what was around, so to speak, we picked the last couple of strawberries from our patch and added them in as well.

Spilled honeysuckle on marble

What a Great Mix

Mmm, here it is water kefir made from the recipe offered in this issue of Pathways. Absolutely delicious. And what an amazing addition water kefir is to the supply of summer-time delights. It is so refreshing and incredibly beneficial to the gut flora. Your kids will love it!

Sparkling Delight

Sparkling Delight