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Celebrate the Movement: Pay It Forward

A movement is created out of an increased collective social need. Unmistakably, we are experiencing such a movement, a time of conscious wake-up. In just about every aspect of the orientation of our society— education, parenting, healthcare, politics, economics, science, religion and more—the once-accepted status quo is going through an exciting evolution.

Support for a movement often comes from the spontaneous formation and enthusiasm of community. Such has been the case with Pathways to Family Wellness, how it began and how it now supports the greater social shift in consciousness. Pathways magazine was started as a membership benefit for ICPA, a non-profit whose mission is research, training and public education for the family wellness lifestyle. Its purpose was to offer practitioners a unique magazine for their reception areas with reliable resources for parents to make informed, conscious choices. Pathways was enthusiastically received; soon after its launch in 2004, patients in those practices were asking to subscribe and providers were asking to buy issues in bulk to share in their communities. Soon after, Pathways Connect Gathering Groups were formed, creating local, empowering communities of parents.

You, our readership, started a movement and in celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we would like to offer you “party favors” … free one-year subscriptions! Yes, from April 1st through 10th, you can “pay forward” a free digital subscription to your friends, family members, patients. You can sign them up, or have them do so themselves.

Simply visit our subscribe link: and at check out, enter in this coupon code: BDAY.

Here are some ways you can pay it forward to your friends. From April 1-10:
1- Share this blog link in an e-mail, or on social media using the share buttons above!
2- Visit Pathways FB page and use one of our graphics to forward to your social media sites.

I want to thank each and every one of you who are seeing the vision and supporting the movement with your enthusiasm for Pathways. Each subscription provides valuable information parents are actively looking for. We hope you join in the celebration with us and share this offer with many.

Many Blessings,

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
Executive Editor