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Anti-Vaccine Misconceptions

The anti-vaccine movement began with the introduction of Dr. Andy Wakefield’s MMR study implicating Autism.

False, the anti-vaccine movement began with the introduction of the very first vaccine in the 18th century, the smallpox vaccine, which as history tells, killed adults and children in high proportions.

The anti-vaccine movement is anti-science.

False, trusting the body’s normal physiological function is not anti-science. It’s a conservative approach, which hesitates to trust man-made interventions for diseases that the body is quite capable of overcoming with nutrition and selective therapies.

Vaccines are proven to be safe and the anti-vaccine movement ignores facts.

False, they have not never been safety tested against a true, inert saline injection. Nor have vaccinated individuals ever been compared in epidemiological studies with an completely un-vaccinated population. Vaccines are a world-wide experiment in the making.

The CDC and the FDA, along with pharmaceutical companies can be trusted.

False, there have been numerous occasions of outright lies, burning contradicting data, and Tobacco science to obfuscate the truth about vaccines. The CDC has a history of unethical experimentation without the consent of select populations of Americans. The FDA has been shown to be an industry-captured agency, like the CDC. Pharmaceutical companies have paid out for numerous lawsuits after concealing evidence of harm of their marketed drugs which led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Vaccines are self-evidently necessary.

False, they require an artificial narrative of history and an IV drip of impending doomsday predictions in order to appear necessary to the public. This narrative was created through industry funding, media complacency, and government lobbying despite historical, scientific and personal evidence which shows that vaccines are less effective and more dangerous than purported.

Vaccines saved millions of lives.

The proposition that vaccines “saved millions of lives” is a correlation-equals-causation argument drawn from historical analysis that disregards the steep downward trends of disease mortality rates prior to the manufacture of each respective vaccine. It cannot be known whether this trend would have continued without vaccines, but it is nevertheless a claim of vaccinologists that this trend is creditable to vaccines, which is false. to what extent medical professionals incorrectly assumed that vaccinated individuals “must be immune” and therefore filed the disease under a different label. After all, it is said medical professionals have failed to diagnose Autism in the past, thus explaining the current leap in prevalence, so why is it impossible that mis-diagnoses occured for other diseases, namely those we vaccinate against?

The anti-vaccine movement has something to gain by their outreach.

True. The anti-vaccine movement has vindication to win back from public opinion, after centuries of battling a medical oligarchy denying freedom of choice, preventing biological immunity, hoisting large-scale biological experiments on the people, and belittling and accursing those who would question the status quo. Yes, the anti-vaccine community has much to gain. When society becomes disillusioned by the propaganda of vaccine promoters, they will gain peace of mind.

It’s propaganda, paid for on a massive scale. Typhoid fever and Scarlet fever are two diseases which saw a 95% or more decrease in prevalence and mortality, for which no vaccine was ever developed.