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A Message from Our Editor – A Greater Understanding

Little did I know when we decided to do an issue focusing on autism, the magnitude of insight, research, personal stories, and range of treatment protocols that would be revealed.

In the process of putting together this issue, I conversed with a varied group of involved people about this growing epidemic. I spoke with researchers, scientists, practitioners, heads of consumer organizations, and parents with autistic children. I was privy to meet people who have been diligently working on this issue and attempting to bring its stark reality to the general public for many, many years. I became acutely aware of the diverse starting points relating to causation and solution. On the one hand, there is the widely promoted rhetoric, “Unknown cause! No known cure!” It is supported by self-interest industries, with unlimited financial resources. Their claims are based on a restricted agenda for healing and wholeness. On the other hand is the less publicized evidence of causation and exploration of cure. It has limited funding and minimal exposure. It is, however, initiated from the holistic premise that illness has preventable causes and healing is possible.

Throughout the article-gathering stage, I met people who are experiencing grief, frustration, and anger, and conversely I witnessed tireless strength, accomplishment, and hope. In speaking with scientists and researchers, I was disillusioned with their accounts of suppressed data, biased papers, and attempted payoffs. Most importantly, I was exposed to convincing scientific validation indicating cause and effect associations of “modern medicine” and autism. Researchers, scientists, and practitioners revealed their enthusiasm for discoveries of cause, cure, and prevention and their dismay when their breakthroughs were met with ridicule and contempt by their peers. I listened as leaders of groups promoting awareness about autism; vaccinations; and medical, emotional, and environmental contributors divulged the harsh reality of dealing with corrupt politics. Finally, the most impressive group of people I spoke with was parents. I was intimately drawn into the sober reality of their altered lifestyles and burdens. Heartbreaking stories of perfectly healthy children suddenly torn away, the struggles of acceptance and the nonrelenting searches for help combined with their efforts to overcome financial and emotional strains gave me insight into a level of strength that was nothing short of heroic.

In this issue, we attempt to bring a greater understanding of autism to all concerned parents. For parents with children on the spectrum, although much of this information is part of your daily lives, new insights and avenues of hope are revealed. For parents with newly diagnosed children, these valuable resources will expand your choices and lead you to greater solutions. For parents who are concerned and wanting more information to prevent autism, these articles will offer perspectives and foster your commitment to making informed family health care choices. As one Executive Director of a leading autism organization with two children on the spectrum told me, “Parents need to know! They need information! This is one ‘club’ we do not want any more members to join.”

Having been a family chiropractor for 27 years and a mother of 6 children, I have learned that choosing the paradigm from which we make our health care decisions is imperative to the manifestation and perpetuation of health. Trusting the body’s extraordinary ability to function, regenerate, and be well is essential to the healing process. Utilizing providers who are inspired by seeking causes and solutions is also imperative in this process. Contributing to organizations that provide support, hope, and directions for change is vital. As I look down the path we are being called to follow, a quote by Margaret Meade comes to mind, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Many Blessings,
Jeanne Ohm, DC

ohm_jeanne_Dr. Jeanne Ohm has practiced family wellness care since 1981 with her husband, Dr. Tom. They have six children who were all born at home and are living the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Ohm is an instructor, author, and  innovator.  Her passion is: training DC’s with specific techniques for care in pregnancy, birth & infancy, forming national alliances for chiropractors with like-minded perinatal practitioners, empowering mothers to make informed choices, and offering pertinent patient educational materials.