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Vivian Keeler, DC


Vivian Keeler, D.C., C.D., HBCE, C.H., has been a chiropractor since 1986 with a special focus on the health of pregnant women. She is a natural birth expert who has attended hundreds of births as a doula and is known for sharing her wisdom with gentle kindness. Dr. Keeler is also a certified consulting hypnotist and has taught the Mongan method of HypnoBirthing for the last 18 years. She is executive vice president and faculty member of HypnoBirthing International and has received the HypnoBirthing Institute’s Diamond Award for her contributions to the advancement of HypnoBirthing. She is responsible for creating several training programs that have inspired many birth professionals to become agents of change in their own communities. Dr. Keeler is the founder of Amazing Births & Beyond, a birth education and wellness center in Miami, and is a co-founder of Amazing Baby Spa and Contemporary Doula International.