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Suzanne Humphries, MD


Suzanne Humphries, M.D., is a conventionally educated, allopathically trained medical doctor, a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine. After 14 years of practicing allopathic kidney medicine, Dr. Humphries has entered into the realm of homeopathy, studying at the Devon School of Homeopathy in the U.K., and now views it as one of the true healer’s primary tools. She recently moved beyond mainstream medicine, and is utilizing nontoxic means to help restore health in those who seek her assistance. Homeopathy, nutrition, micronutrients and detoxification are among the modalities she implements. She has developed a personal understanding that healing comes as much—if not more—from within as from without, and in that there is reason for optimism. Dr. Humphries is on the board of directors of the International Medical Council on Vaccination.

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