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Patrick Houser


“In these busy days, typically inundated by everything digital and internet based, Pathways to Family Wellness is the ONLY print magazine that enters my home. While the information is also available online I find I welcome and enjoy the print edition. It is chock full of useful, leading edge information for our wellbeing from leaders in the field.”

Patrick M. Houser is a grandfather and father of two sons. The birth of his first son revealed to him the need to understand birth more fully; Patrick’s second son’s arrival, in 1980, was the first documented water birth in the United States. These experiences have formed his life’s work and led him to nearly 25 years of passionate advocacy for birth choices. Patrick has a degree in marketing, has owned a natural health center, and for 10 years owned and ran a construction firm in Austin, Texas. He is the director of The Source Foundation International, a UK registered charity that promotes health and choice from pre-conception through birth and throughout life. Patrick is also a speaker, writes articles and is the author of the Fathers-To-Be Handbook, originally published in the UK and now available in a U.S. edition.